Campaign Meetings

The Campaign’s latest meeting was on Wednesday, May 13, 2015, from 12:30-2:30 p.m., at the headquarters of the American Academy of Pediatrics, 601 13th St., NW, Washington, DC, with Meg Gardinier as chair and 30 people present, with 11 people calling in.
Meg Gardinier described the highlights of the Campaign’s activities since our last meeting in November 2014. She noted that we had co-sponsored two meetings then in recognition of Universal Children’s Day, November 20, and the 25th anniversary of the General Assembly’s approval of the CRC: the first on the CRC, children and the Internet, and the second on the CRC and juvenile justice. 

We must get the CRC on the Senate’s agenda, which only the President can do, so that when the Senate politics favors ratification we can capture the moment and move the CRC forward. Our letter to the President with that request, signed by over 116 CEOs of national nonprofit organizations, has been the basis for further efforts to implement that recommendation. 
We are continuing to build our grassroots support through Facebook: “Child Rights Campaign” and Twitter: “@treaty4kids”. We need to get our information out in those media.

The Campaign needs help with volunteers and interns, as well as with meeting rooms and its own finances.
The United States is essentially alone in the world outside the CRC, as South Sudan recently acceded to the CRC and Somalia has announced its ratification, although it hasn’t formally deposited that notice with the UN. Many governments recently criticized the US for that failing when the UN’s Human Rights Commission reviewed US human rights conduct.

We also need to reach the children and youth of America, to energize them about their own rights, including support for CRC ratification. They need to have more available resources about their rights.

You may download the PDF report on our September 2014 Annual Meeting.