The Campaign for U.S. Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Youth Essay Contest

The Youth Outreach Committee of the Campaign for U.S. Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is pleased to announce the Winners and Finalists of the CRC National Youth Essay Contest. 

The purpose of the contest was to raise awareness of the Convention among youth, to engage them in thoughtful reflection about the CRC, and to provide them with the opportunity to share their thoughts about the possible impacts of U.S. ratification. Applicants were asked to answer either of the following questions: 1) How could U.S. ratification of the CRC benefit children in the U.S.? or 2) How would U.S. ratification of the CRC impact the global community?

Many thanks to all of you who participated in the Essay Contest!  We received many insightful, well-written essays. 


Middle School Division (Grades 6-8)                                     

1st Place: Katie Lants, 8th Grade- Little Rock, AR

2nd Place: Harvey Xia, 8th Grade- Wellesley, MA

3rd Place: Katherine Bernstein, 8th Grade- Sherman Oaks, CA  

High School Division (Grades 9-12)

1st Place: Thomas Hwang, 11th Grade- Bronx, NY

2nd Place: Ronak Shah, 12th Grade- Indianapolis, IN

3rd Place: Narine Wandrey, 10th Grade- Chagrin Falls, OH


Middle School Finalists (in alphabetical order)

Sojourner Salil Ahebee, 6th Grade- Philadelphia, PA

Christopher Bowman, 8th Grade- Little Rock, AR

Liana Chan, 8th Grade- San Francisco, CA

Lawrence Flynn, 7th Grade- North Andover, MA

Mike Glennon, 6th Grade- Port St. Lucie, FL

Zach Goldberg, 8th Grade- Little Rock, AR

Vikram Gondhalekar, 8th Grade- Little Rock, AR

Claudia Lovegrove, 7th Grade- Alexandria, VA 

Miranda Lynn, 6th Grade- Stone Ridge, NY

Fred Smith, 7th Grade- San Francisco, CA

Leslie Wong, 8th Grade- New York, NY

Eric Young, 8th Grade- San Francisco, CA

High School Finalists (in alphabetical order)

Laura Ciapas, 12th Grade- Lemont, IL

Hannah Eakin, 11th Grade- Clarksville, AR

Amber Gibson, 11th Grade- Naperville, IL 

Sophia Hufford-Jones, 11th Grade- Whitefish Bay, WI

Jennifer Lee, 11th Grade- Torrance, CA

Anna Mangia, 12th Grade- Lemont, IL

Joyce Yu, 11th Grade- Glendale, NY

Copies of the winning essays were distributed at the CRC National Briefing Days on November 15 and 16.  Winners' and finalists' essays have been incorporated into the following two booklets: Middle School CRC Essay Booklet and High School CRC Essay Booklet.


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