Universal Children’s Day 2015

Universal Children’s Day (Novermber 20) 2015

Observances in the United States

10/28/2015: DeKalb, County, Georgia, Board of Commissioners proclaims November 20 as Universal Children’s Day in DeKalb County.

11/10/15: Nevada County, California, Board of Supervisors adopts a Children’s Bill of Rights. http://csnnc.org/nevada-county-board-of-supervisors-endorses-the-childrens-bill-of-rights/

11/11/15: S. Perez, Southern California Church of Christ. Celebrate Universal Children’s Day. http://www.scncucc.org/voices/2015/11/ucc-conference-activities-and-events/celebrate-universal-childrens-day/

11/18/2015: National Association for the Education of Young Children: Universal Children’s Day information provided to 2,000 Conference participants

11/19/2015: J.Todres, Making Universal Children’s Day Meaningful. http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/human_rights/2015/11/making-universal-childrens-day-meaningful.html



11/20/2015: US Committee for UNICEF: Universal Children’s Day: Give Children on the Move a Fair Chance. https://www.unicefusa.org/press/releases/universal-children%E2%80%99s-day-give-children-move-fair-chance/29502

11/20/15: Madison, Wisconsin, Cap Times: O. V. McMurray: On Universal Children's Day, urge Congress to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child. http://host.madison.com/ct/opinion/column/oma-vic-mcmurray-on-universal-children-s-day-urge-congress/article_3c4696b2-7848-5fa0-8400-5aafbc09f53d.html

11/20/15: The Hill Blog: D. P. Evans, What America’s Children Are Missing Today. http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/international/260875-what-american-children-are-missing-today

11/20/15: Old Dominion University: M. Engman: The United States, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and Universal Children’s Day. Speech.

11/20/2015: Citizens for Global Solutions, R. Wadlow: Convention on the Rights of the Child: The Vital Role of NGO’s. http://globalsolutions.org/blog/2015/11/Convention-Rights-Child-Vital-Role-NGOs#.VmC9quMrJQY

11/20/2015: Huffington Post Blog: J. Heymann: On Child Rights Treaty's 26th Anniversary, U.S. Stands Alone http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-jody-heymann/on-child-rights-treatys-2_b_8611396.html

11/20/2015: Mission Newswire: UNIVERSAL CHILDREN’S DAY: Salesian Missions Highlights Children’s Rights Education and Child Welfare Programs - http://missionnewswire.org/universal-childrens-day-salesian-missions-highlights-childrens-rights-education-and-child-welfare-programs/#sthash.vWCIEfZ1.dpuf

11/20/2015: Bright By Three, Denver, posted Universal Children’s Day poster on social media

11/20/2015: at NAEYC Conference, Orlando, FL: D. Sailor presented poster on Child Rights Convention and Universal Children’s Day at OMEP-USA Poster Session.

11/20/2015: Islamic Relief USA: Getting in Touch with your Inner Child on Universal Children’s Day. http://irusa.org/blog/getting-in-touch-with-your-inner-child-on-universal-childrens-day/

11/20/2015: MSN News: Universal Children's Day: UN Charter in pictures. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/universal-childrens-day-un-charter-in-pictures/ss-BBnezAH

11/20/2015: First Focus: Child Rights Blog: http://firstfocus.org/issues/child-rights/

11/20/2015: R. Harris, Capacity Building for Sustainable Development. https://rayharris57.wordpress.com/tag/universal-childrens-day/

11/20/2015: L. A. Gray, November 20 is Universal Children’s Day. http://www.beakidshero.com/posts/november-20-is-universal-childrens-day/

11/20/2015: F. Yrsson, Universal Children’s Day: Seldom Celebrated in USA. http://endlegalizedviolence.blogspot.com/2015/11/universal-childrens-day-seldom.html

11/20/2015: CRC Campaign, Universal Children’s Day. https://www.thunderclap.it/en/projects/34460-universal-children-s-day

11/20/2015: Book of Days: Universal Children’s Day. http://www.bookofdaystales.com/universal-childrens-day/

11/20/2015: Child Foundation, Universal Children’s Day. http://goodnewsplanet.com/universal-childrens-day/

11/20/2015: 9 municipalities in Randolph County, NC, issued proclamations celebrating Universal Children’s Day:

City of Asheboro: Mayor David Smith 11/5

City of Archdale: Mayor Bert Stone approved UDC proclamation via phone on 11/9, signed on 11/24

Town of Franklinville: Mayor Perry Connor 11/20

Town of Liberty: Mayor Terry Caviness 11/16

City of Randleman:  Mayor Bucky Jernigan 11/20

Town of Ramseur:  Mayor Danny Shaw 11/20

Town of Seagrove:  Mayor Roy Edmonds 11/20

Town of Staley:  Mayor Karen Scotton 11/20

Town of Trinity:  Jesse Hill 11/20

11/21/2015: On Universal Children’s Day, “the World Remains ‘Deeply Unfair’ Place for Children. http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/11/on-universal-childrens-day-the-world-remains-deeply-unfair-place-for-children-3246502.html

In addition, the Twitter symbol on the website of the Campaign for US Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the child, www.childrightscampaign.org, links to a Twitter feed, https://twitter.com/treaty4kids , which contains numerous tweets about Universal Children’s Day and its link to the Campaign. Finally, the Twitter feed, #Universalchildrensday, https://twitter.com/search?q=%23UniversalChildrensDay&lang=en, has a very large number of tweets using that hashtag, not all of which are from the United States.