Take Action

Thank you for joining us in the Campaign!

Here are a few ideas to help you move the Children's Rights Convention (CRC) toward ratification and implementation.

  1. Talk with your friends and colleagues about it.
  2. Raise public awareness about the CRC, and about the need to ratify it.
  3. Ask the President to begin the State Department Review process to prepare his recommendation for ratification. 
  4. Tell your Senator how you feel about the CRC and about ratification. They need to hear from you in order to feel that this matters to their constituents. 
  5. Ask other elected officials at all levels of government to push the Senate toward ratification.
  6. Do some of these activities on November, 20 Universal Children's Day and publicize what you've done.
  7. Donate to the Campaign.
  8. Participate in the Campaign's list serve, meetings and special events.
  9. Keep us informed about what you're doing, so we can help you and bring you together with other Campaign supporters for a stronger voice.
  10. Involve children and youth in your activities, to give them a sense of helping to improve their rights.